Why should you consider membership in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc?



Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. is an invaluable network of professional women with a proud, rich history.  We stand alone as the only Sorority of the National Pan-Hellenic Council to be founded on a predominantly-white campus during an era when prejudice and racism were rampant.  


Though our members come from a broad spectrum of professions, we share a common belief in the importance of education established by our Seven Founders, who were all school teachers.  Our National Projects address issues such as AIDS, teen pregnancy and violence, drug abuse, cancer awareness, poverty, fiscal security, and the continued struggles in Africa.  We seek to educate ourselves and the members of our community on these ever-evolving issues so we can improve the quality of life within our society as a whole.  


Sigma Offers leadership training to all of its members at local, regional, and national conferences, so they can become more effective leaders within the Sorority.  However, this training can also translate into the workplace and other organizations improving a Soror's performance in all aspects of her life.


With over 500 chapters thoughout the world, Sigma offers members a network of associates for social and professional connections wherever they may go.

Beta Omicron Sigma Chapter's Fall 2019 TORCH Class.

Please send questions or comments to the Membership Committee.