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Accessories and Apparel with a Purpose

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

As a math educator over the last 18 years I have taught in three states, Michigan, Maryland, and North Carolina. I have seen many shifts in the way math is presented, taught, and perceived by students, parents and teachers. Every year there seems to be a new incentive pushed to help with closing achievement gaps. However, through all of these changes I have noticed that there has been one constant and that is an increase of student anxiety and decrease in confidence when it comes to mathematics. Every year in the classroom I encounter students that have some type of anxiety with math, so I started a tutoring service called MindSynap Learning Lab. The mission of MindSynap Learning Lab is to re-shape the perception of mathematics by helping learners increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety.

As I begin to tutor individual students and see a change in their confidence, anxiety level, and the math abilities. I desired to make a greater impact. So I decided to start saving funds to purchase a mobile learning lab so that I could take my program around the City of Charlotte. Inspired by my mother I decided to create Shapes of Math Custom Collection and MindSynap Image Designs to help raise funds to support this vision. Shapes of Math Custom Collection is a collection of customized earrings, bracelets. MindSynap Image Designs is a collection of customized images for t-shirts or personalized gifts.

During the pandemic there was a great demand and shift to virtual learning and many of my students struggled to pay their technology fees that would allow them to receive a computer. So instead of saving for the mobile learning lab, I began using the profits from jewelry and t-shirt sales to help students with their fees so they would not fall behind with their work. Each year the number of students that I can help and influence increases. Although the goal of obtaining a mobile learning lab has been delayed, I have seen a purpose fulfilled, through the achievements of the students that I have been able to support and influence at Statesville High School.

If you would like to support this vision please click the link below

You can also check me out on Facebook @ Shapes of Math Custom Collection and

@ Mindsynap Image Designs.

-Jovita Webb-Monroe

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