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Leadership in Scouting

The Boy Scout and Girl Scouts provide a unique opportunity for youth to obtain and enhance various leadership skills. These programs are designed to help youth develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives. Through both scouting programs youth can try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and reinforce ethical standards. Leadership is a vital part of the programs, youth in positions of leadership run the Troop (the organizational unit within each scouting program). They take care of the many tasks necessary for Troop meetings and activities to run smoothly.

As a parent of a Boy Scout in Troop 107 and a Junior Girl Scout in Troop 875 both at The Park Ministries, I have seen the growth and development in both of my children. My son has really stepped outside his comfort zone since starting the program 7 years ago. He currently holds the rank of First Class working on his Star rank. He is also the Quartermaster for his Troop; where he is responsible for all the Troop’s supplies and ensures they have everything they need when they go on a camping trip or outing. My daughter is working on her Girl Scout Junior Bronze Award and has earned numerous badges and patches over the last 5 years. She is also developed leadership skills and increased her confidence and public speaking abilities.

The scouting program also encourages and supports parental involvement. There are numerous training and volunteer opportunities in both scouting programs. For example, my husband and I both hold positions in scouting. My husband is the Assistant Cub Master and a den leader within Boys Scouts. He has taken several classes to become certified to teach youth Archery, BB Guns, Climbing, and Fishing. I am the Troop Trainer in Boys Scouts and a volunteer with Girl Scouts. We both are Merit Badge counselors; we teach youth new skills to help them earn merit badges.

Scouting offers unique opportunities to explore the outdoors, connect with nature and have new adventures with the whole family. The skills and experiences that youth are exposed to through scouting impacts them now and sets the stage for their future. Obtaining leadership skills are a lifelong process and scouting can be a key for starting that journey at a young age. Both Scouting programs are open to youth from ages 5-18. If you want to expose your youth to a variety of exciting experiences and opportunities to learn I highly recommend you reach out to your nearest Scouting program unit.

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