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Entrepreneurship: Finding My Way

Entrepreneurship is one of those things that we often here others speak of but trying to become one seems out of reach at times. If you have ever felt like this before then you are not alone. I never even thought entrepreneurship was even in my future but as years went on after retiring from the Marine Corps and working as a federal employee for a while, I realized that I was not happy working for others anymore. It did not matter how much the job paid, I just did not feel like I was doing what I was supposed to do, and it felt like work. The only thing that mattered to me is that I did what made me “Smile” and that I was helping others.

This process was not something that happened to me overnight but once I made the decision to become an entrepreneur that is when the real work started. Real work meant putting all the energy and effort that I gave to another job into something that I was building for myself and following my dreams. I challenge you to look back over your life and your experiences and see what the future of entrepreneurship may hold for you. Some of the things that I found to be useful was discovering how well I could communicate what my company does to others and how it will fill a gap or assist them. If you do not believe in or understand what it is that you do, no one will. Also, start investing your time into key activities such as organizations and groups of likeminded individuals that not only encourage you but inspire you to grow outside your comfort zone. Do not forget having short- and long-term goals is beneficial and staying current with what is going on in the industry that you chose is a must.

Stay open minded and remain humble. Remember with small steps one will see big change.

Click the heart if you have ever witnessed something take place that caused you to pause in fear and not knowing what to say or to do? Have you ever felt like you have had something to say that would have helped or improved an injustice that you witnessed but didn’t quite know what to say or how what you said would be taken?

When you started to speak, you were overcome with anxiety and fear and wondering if it is even worth it because no one if going to agree. Never mind that you knew it was wrong and that someone needed to do something or at minimum have a difficult conversation.

Well, there is great news: Being an active bystander and a voice for change does not have to be that unnerving. With the right training and education at your disposal, you can start the process of knowing how to safely intervene to help others that are faced with inequality and injustice and learn how to navigate those difficult conversations.

That is why 2p - Paradigm of Possibilities, LLC (2p-LLC) was created and why we are the company of choice when it is time to Navigate Difficult Conversations. No more check in the box trainings!

It is time to turn words into actions….

2p-LLC is Veteran owned and operated by a retired United States Marine. This boutique size company is compiled of facilitators with a passion for helping others and being a voice for those who felt as if they have been silenced. We will walk you through what your areas of concern may be, discuss your mission, vision, and values and identify any disparities and gaps. Some of our topics include Unconscious Bias, Racial Equality, Bystander Intervention, Diversity and Inclusion and Conflict and Change Management but our approach to these conversations makes it a learning experience versus a one-way conversation. Because our motto is "Cleaning your Lens Changes your View", we understand the importance of taking a broader approach when organizations require training and we train them on how the systemic approach is needed to create an environment that addresses the issue and not the person.

If you are interested in training or partnerships with 2p-LLC or 2p Center of Excellence, INC. please contact us at:

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