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My Favorite Things: Entrepreneurship and Hair Care!

Getting into entrepreneurship and making the choice to pursue it is a great career path to go down. Entrepreneurship and hair care are two leading industries in today’s day and age. With a degree in Entrepreneurship, my focus is to develop businesses. In 2019, I moved from helping develop businesses for others to following my lifelong passion and working towards creating my own.

Let’s talk about entrepreneurship. Many Americans are not aware that this is a subject to study. Entrepreneurship allows innovators who seek to change their atmosphere to do so with a creative view. Studies show that entrepreneurs are more likely to develop leadership skills and inspire others because many are natural born leaders. The information on entrepreneurship is endless. Over the years, I have learned a lot and here are my key entry level tips on how to successfully start your business:

1. Patience

Having patience and not rushing the process is key to being successful. Even if you have the financial ability to jump in feet first, it is vital to take your time to properly develop your ideas and the business. Your reputation is at stake, so patience is important. As Sigma women, we all know patience is a virtue!

2. Having an idea

It all starts with a spark of change! Grab a notebook, always keep it with you, and write your ideas and experiences down. You want to track your progress so date each page. If you are having difficulty narrowing down your idea, remember to be patient, reflect on your current skills and your passions to help decide.

3. Research

Determine what market your idea fits into, analyze it and see if it is a rising or non-existent market. Research your competition, the availability of product(s) and cost. This will help you forecast and determine your five-year goal. Check the gross domestic product (GDP) of that market. Sorors and friends, before you invest ask yourself this question, “is the money you are putting in worth what you will get out?” Use the links below to start your research!

4. Planning

Begin planning. Form the company's structure, including a vision, mission statement, values, budgeting, marketing tactics and analysis. Remember to relax, release, and pray!

5. Execute

Begin the trial-and-error phase. Test your idea and pursue your dreams!

My entrepreneurship goal included my passion - hair care. I love talking about healthy hair! My focus targets African American youth and spreading awareness regarding the importance of the health of their hair and how it starts from the inside. Currently, my company is focused on building two interlocking branches: a line of hair care products and nutrition focused on hair growth. What you take in is just as important as what you physically put on your hair, so, yes, health care plays a factor in your hair maintenance!

Many women are unaware of just how much of what you consume can affect your hair, skin and nails. Hair follicles can be impacted when you don't drink enough water, eat enough lean protein or eat unhealthy foods that include all the bad fats, artificial sugars or carbohydrates. Can you say clogged, sis! That is why many women struggle with growing thick hair, gaining, & retaining length. We must allow our hair follicles to breathe, stay hydrated and be strong!

All the steps I listed earlier were an active process in creating the hair care business I am forming. Currently, I am in the trial-and-error phase. Every week I create whipped hair butters, deep moisture masks and oil elixirs in my kitchen. Yes, I said in my kitchen! All the ingredients I use are organic natural herbs, fruits, vegetables and oils that promote, not only healthy hair growth, but smooth skin.

Hint: Avocados, carrots and castor oil are a woman's best friend!

Developing a hair care line is a process that involves gathering the right materials and successfully combining them, formulating, structuring the business and getting comfortable being in the forefront. Entrepreneurship is not easy; it requires passion and that allows me to take it a day at a time. So far, I have created three products that have added moisture and helped with significant hair growth. I started off with a small box cut hairstyle with shaved sides and after using my products for one year, I have back length hair.

I encourage you to try exploring entrepreneurship and research your ideas. You never know what impact you will make! I love talking about healthy hair! Remember to research, create a hair regimen, stay moisturized, and trim.

We love to protect, not neglect!

Pictured: Products from my organic package

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