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For the Love of Us and the Love to Serve

Being an African American educator has been such a wonderful experience. Since I was six years old, I have wanted to be an educator and I am walking in my dream. The ability to positively impact the lives of my students is the greatest reward. I’ve had joyous moments and I’ve had trying moments. However, the greatest moments I’ve had are when I've been able to turn something impossible to something possible. That is the power and magic of education-for me to be able to put information out there and for my students to catch it and actually understand it.

What most do not know is that I am walking and living in a dream that is rare. According to the National Center for Education Statistics , the latest studies show that Black educators make up only 7% of the population of teachers within public elementary and secondary schools. In addition, only 25% of Black students were enrolled in public schools that were predominantly Black, while 32% of Black students were enrolled in schools in which less than a quarter of the students were Black. That’s a pretty interesting connection to make - to know that only 7% of Black educators were presented to 25 and 32 Percent of black students . This data means that there is a disproportionate number between our students and teachers of color which can negatively impact the experiences of Black American children within education and their understanding of their place within society.

Representation matters.

With the statistics in hand, I continue to be a positive addition to our Black American scholars. In my work, my goal is to continue to address the achievement gap that our students of color face each and every year. I intentionally target children of color because I know that it was my God-given purpose to serve them in a way that not only improves their minds, but, in my belief, serves their soul.

In my work as an educator, I teach for the love of us and the love to serve children within my

community! I intend to maintain grace and GRIT and challenge school communities to do the same

and create educational environments that are truly designed for our scholars and their development

in every way (cultural, social, educational etc.).

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