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Team Building: What do you think is going well?

There are many exciting things about being a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.: sisterly bond, serving and providing community solutions, leadership skills and professional development. How we “see” or yet, perceive a situation is key to the response given. Personally, whenever I perceive an offense taking place, I step back and question myself, “Am I seeing this the correct way? How was I feeling prior to this moment? etc.” In this digital age with emojis to express quick responses, the necessity for clear communication is key to lasting relationships both personally and professionally. Not only do I want to grow as a professional but also personally in the many roles that I have…that we all have. Recently, during a team building exercise of which notes were taken, this one simple exercise below truly jump-started my desire to be a better team member and communicator. I do not take any credit for creating the content, just sharing from my notes.


Everyone appears to be focused and passionate about our Mission / Objective of our organization(s)

Use this example of this blank piece of paper…

What do you see?

<< imaginary blank sheet of paper

The eye is the dot. The brain takes for granted you see the paper. We all have a dot to consider. The goal is putting things into perspective. Which one is bigger? The paper or the dot? Maybe we should take time to see the bigger picture! “There is always something good going on in our group(s)” (the entire piece of paper). Don’t focus too much on the dot (the imperfect issue). It can drain you of your personal/collective energy.

1. Question >> What is your role? How do I play a part in making this happen? How many visions are there? Everybody has two things about them: everyone has a personal flaw and everyone has potential. Unfortunately, people get caught up in the first one which leads too often times, judgment and distraction! Professionals stay focused on the vision.

2. When you focus on the vision you create ONE SOUND.

{Remember the movie Drumline? “One Band, One Sound!”}

3. Conflict occurs when we try to prove how we see things. An example…”You look at this ---You do so like this…“

In resolving conflict, keep in mind you’re sharing your point, not trying to prove your point!

4. Conflict resolution – NEVER start off with saying “YOU”… instead, “I observe that…”

The bulk of conflict management is tactics; what to say and how to say it.

This information was taken from a team building event a few years ago that serves as professional development for those just getting started in leadership and a gentle reminder for those already thriving as great leaders as we, collectively, continue to develop and sharpen our soft skills interacting within our community and in our bond. Greater Service, Greater Progress !

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