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Affiliate Feature: "What Being a Philo Means to Me"

I have been a Philo since 2003, always with the Beta Omicron Sigma chapter. It has been my pleasure to serve alongside this great Sorority and dynamic women of the Northeastern Region, Charlotte North Carolina chapter.

The ladies of the Beta Omicron Sigma chapter have been my inspiration. They are entrepreneurs, motivators, educators, and so many more strong role models. I see their strength and determination and as Philos, I believe, we strive to embody these same characteristics. Not that we are any less than, but that as “friends” of the Sorority, the Philos help to build up the lives of those we touch. Whether it be through community outreach, mentoring of young women, scholarship opportunities or donation of time and talents, we all have so much to offer. Together, so much more can be accomplished for the good of mankind, than trying to do it alone.

Philos have the opportunity to travel, receive training and bond with sisters across the regions and nationally. We are friends to each other, keeping the lines of communication open. We produce “good fruit” and provide service-oriented leadership.

The impact that being a Philo has had can not be replaced. “Never look down on a person, unless you are lifting them up.” This is what I strive to accomplish daily. The Philo Affiliates provide me with the satisfaction of knowing that it is not an impossible dream, but a reality in the making.

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