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Philo Feature: "Happily Retired!"

I am happily retired and would not take anything for it! I worked consistently for 39 years at the Federal Reserve Bank. This was the only place of business I ever worked. I graduated from high school June 9th and began work June 15th. I was diligent, a hard-worker, committed to the task, and eager to progress. With all of that being said, I am so glad to now be retired! I feel like I have earned this right. Yes, I could have completed one additional year to make 40, but...I'm good!

After three and a half years of retirement, I am still adjusting. While I’m home, everyone else is still at work during the day. I miss the conversations and fellowship, but not necessarily the supervision, stress, and deadlines. I miss the structure of day-to-day assignments, but enjoy the options of coming and going as I please. Staying up late to watch football games and talk shows is great! Getting up for appointments, on my schedule and not someone’s else is definitely a plus. I can hit the DMV before everyone else….smile.

The main ingredient for anyone planning to retire is preparation. I think you must prepare your finances. I worked in Budget & Expense at the bank. Now, I have a budget for my monthly pension - and yes, I stay on it and it works! However, even as important, you must also prepare for a change in your lifestyle.

Do not plan to sit around the house all day and do nothing. Your mind, and body, must remain active. Stay busy, visit relatives, travel, and mostly, just enjoy these latter years of your life. You deserve it. Be blessed always!

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