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Reflections: "You CAN Go Home, Again"

Have you ever heard the phrase 'you can't go home again'. It's a untruth...a's all of these things. Why do I say this? Why do I believe this? It's because I have done just that...I have come home again with a new spice. I BOS'd up, which has put some needed spice into my homecoming.

I spent my formative years right here in Griertown, including starting school at Cotswold Elementary. My family has strong and serious roots in Charlotte. Driving on Sam Drenan Road or driving by Naomi Drenan Recreation Center makes this poodle all weepy eyed because this road and center were named after relatives of mine. Driving and exploring Charlotte is like looking at a kaleidoscope of my somewhat forgotten youth.

Transitioning back to Charlotte as an adult has been magical and fascinating at the same time. I remember riding the bus with my cousins and grandmother to go to the Square. The current 'Square' is a far cry and far removed from the Square of days gone by.

Today, I can walk to Uptown from my apartment. Uptown Charlotte has gone through such a metamorphosis but one would expect a huge transformation after 40+ years. I love what Charlotte has become and hope that I am here to continue to see more life altering changes.

Becoming a member of the BOS chapter is wonderful except for the obvious - I am not truly active due to the pandemic. I am a Soror who believes in being active, making a difference, and interacting with my Sorors. I do not feel that I am able to do these things to the utmost due to the understandable restrictions placed on us. I am also saddened that I have not been able to attend 'real' social events with my Sorors. Who would have thought that our lives would be changed so much in 2020?

To close how I opened. I want everyone to know that you can come home. But home may be a completely different place than it was before.

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