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Rhoer Feature: "It's STILL senior year!"

Imagine going into your senior year, during a worldwide pandemic,

where it seems like the world has come to a stop. All my years of school have

led up to this point and I feel like we are on pause.

My name is Alexis Wiggs and welcome to my senior year. I am 17 years

old and attend Lake Norman Charter High School in Huntersville, NC. All the

important milestones that every teenager dreams about during their last year

of high school now looks different for the class of 2021. Not being able to see

my friends all throughout the summer and school year was hard but necessary

to keep everyone safe.

During the height of the pandemic, I ended up getting a job at a local

eatery. I worked 35+ hours a week on top of taking college courses at the local

community college, AP classes, completing college applications and essays,

as well as my regular classes at Lake Norman Charter. It was a lot. I had to

make a decision because I was balancing so many obligations at once.

Eventually, I decided to take a leave of absence from my job to solely

focus on school and college applications. Throughout those couple of months,

I gathered all admission requirements which included letters of

recommendation, college essays, and transcripts. I applied to a total of seven

schools: St. Andrews University, Barton University, the University of North

Carolina at Greensboro, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State

University, Appalachian State University, Elon University, and Spelman

College. I was accepted into all seven and acquired more than $100,000 in

internal scholarships. Through severe deliberation, I narrowed seven down to

two, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and Spelman

College. Regardless of the school I decide to attend, I plan to double major in

biology and criminal justice with a concentration in forensics.

While this year has been different, I have had the opportunity to spend

more time with my family, set up a workspace for my classes, and pick up

some new hobbies. College visits have been suspended so I have to find

creative ways to learn more about the schools that I am interested in. Yes,

this year has been different and challenging in more ways than one but I’m

excited for my last year of high school and what the future holds.

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